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Thanks to our contributors

This Wildlife Trade Pledge project would never have been possible if it weren’t for our incredibly kind contributors.


Aaron Gekoski

Environmental photojournalist

Jack Dalton

Animal activist & public speaker

Lee Child CBE

Acclaimed writer

Michaela Strachan

Television presenter

Shannon Elizabeth

Actress & conservationist

Media supplied by:

Aaron Gekoski

Environmental photojournalist

Andi Cross

Growth strategist

Chris Scarffe

Environmental filmmaker

Paulina Laurensia Ela

Head of comms BOSF

Patrick Rouxel

Environmental filmmaker

Sam Rios

Designer & photographer

An extended thanks to all the hard working staff throughout the BOS network.

Would you like to collaborate?

We are more than happy to collaborate or supply media to bring this to the world’s attention. Get in touch, and let’s see what we can achieve together.

© Aaron Gekoski

Be part of the solution in ending THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE TODAY

It takes less than a minute to pledge. Once you pledge, you make a personal commitment to never attend an illegal entertainment event, never purchase any products containing wildlife parts, and never keep wildlife as pets.